Jennifer Kaddoura, Editor

Jennifer Kaddoura, Editor

Why I'm an Editor

Editing facilitates a daily practice of not only learning but also viewing the world through a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Day in, day out — in perpetuity — I am learning and understanding anew.

My journeys around the planet and deep into literary worlds have taught me one indisputable truth: the scope of 7.5 billion people, plus all who have come and gone, is vast. 

What matters in this complex and crowded world is the authenticity and clarity of your voice — freeze-framing your kaleidoscope so that others may benefit from your insights. 

You have a unique combination of experiences to shape every perspective, as well as a unique method of connecting and articulating every thought. The world should not be robbed of your authenticity because of an overbearing editor; however, without an editor, you risk publishing errors in your content that could tarnish your credibility and lose your audience's trust.

My passion for both knowledge and connection make it important to me that your voice rings clear and true — be it through dissertation or story — as it calls out to your audience. 

Thus, I have honed my skills to help you articulate in your own fashion. I take a customized approach to editing. I can be pedantic and authoritative, or I can gently nudge the technicalities of your writing just enough to be onside. I scour your logic for gaps and your facts for accuracy so that, in the end, you may publicly present the most brilliant version of your voice.

Every message needs an audience, and I can be the first among that audience for you. If you wish to publish your copy with confidence and clarity, I’d love to help you do that. It would be my joy.


Not only do I love the craft of language, but I love the craft of critical thinking. To strengthen both skills, I obtained a BA in English and a BA in Political Science from the University of Calgary. As my passion for connection grew, I focused on wielding the English language by completing Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate Program

I continue to expand my skills and sharpen my abilities through further professional development. I have taken courses in Ryerson University’s Publishing Certificate Program — Editing Fiction and Government Reports. I have also attended industry courses and seminars, including the Editors Canada Prairie Provinces Cyber Symposium 2014, with courses on publishing and editing fiction (presented by Frances Peck, Tammara Kennelly, Jodie Renner and Beth Hill); editing for plain English (Peter Moskos — Victoria, 2015); and the 2016 Editors Canada conference in Vancouver. 


I have extensive experience in both customer service and editing. My professional foundation is built on project management and first-class client service. I began my career at an innovative, fast-growing software company. My client service skills and commitment to meeting every deadline propelled me into positions requiring steadfast dependability. I became the primary relationship contact for numerous large companies in both Canada and the US, as well as the primary contact for white-glove executive services across all clients.

When the company sought to better their education materials, my talents in clear communication and document design were put to use in the position of comprehensive editor. My love of editing was seeded through technical editing (version iterations on a 250+ page software manual) and building on-line training courses.

I have since moved to Victoria, B.C., where I am employed as a Legislative Editor for the B.C. Attorney General Ministry. Additional Victoria editing experiences include becoming a Senior Editor at Hansard Services, with the Legislative Assembly of B.C., as well as editing various projects through my freelance platform — historical fiction, creative non-fiction, online material, professional content for small businesses and local-area artists and academic theses (Master's level), with projects in Canadian and American English.

Please take some time to read my client testimonials.

Professional Membership

Since 2014, I have been a member of Canada's leading editorial organization, Editors Canada. Editors Canada sets the standard for editors across Canada and connects our community internationally.

I am also a member of PEAVI, Vancouver Island's professional editors association.

We can work together no matter how far apart. Please don't hesitate to contact me from wherever you are, and we can arrange to connect at a time that is convenient for you. 

Working from Victoria, B.C., Canada