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Style Guides

One of the leading style guides for scholarly publications in the social and behavioural sciences, APA is frequently the required style for students.

Used by the Canada's national news agency, this style guide is frequently referenced for articles and political publications in Canada. 

Published by Editors Canada, this resource covers the latest guidance on Canadian English usage, including how to correctly work with French in English texts. 

MLA is a system for documenting sources in scholarly writing.   

This Canadian federal government style guide is frequently referenced for federal publications. Note that ministries and departments may have their own publication rules. 

This link takes you directly to the online style guide. Find out more about it here. This style guide is one of the most popular in the American publishing industry. The 17th edition was recently published (August 2017), so it'll be around for a while.


This American dictionary is often recommended by style guides as an authoritative source for American spelling. 

This dictionary provides authoritative guidance on British spelling. There is an online Canadian English version available, but it requires a subscription and is becoming outdated.

This site links to dictionaries in over 300 languages and has additional online resources that just might help you find that elusive perfect word or solve a tricky grammar problem.

Can't think of that word you're after? Go to this site, put in the description or definition, and this tool will help you find the word. 

Self-Editing Resources

Mignon Fogarty's popular blog provides quick, entertaining tips to improve your writing. Highly recommended for writers seeking clarity on common grammatical hang-ups. 

A self-editing software for fiction writers that will analyze your manuscript for things like word and phrase frequency, dialogue usage, and writing in the active voice. This tool can ultimately save you money by preparing your manuscript for editorial review.

Writing news and Blogs

Want to write a novel in one month? This handy resource will help you set achievable goals, provide motivation, and manage your progress to complete an entire novel in one month.

This American website provides warnings about literary schemes and scams, along with information on how writers can protect themselves. Highly recommended for new authors.

Self-described as "the one-stop shop for information, resources and writing community." With writers' forums, blogs, writing prompts, conference listings, and a free weekly e-newsletter, the site facilitates a strong writers' community. 

writers' Associations

An international non-profit, professional organization for publishing authors (membership requires previous publication).

An American professional organization for English language, non-fiction writers (membership requires previous and ongoing publication).

A Canadian professional organization for writers (membership levels for both professional and non-professional writers).

This organization is open to published and non-published authors who live in the province of B.C.

With general and associate membership options, the RWA is open to all writers wishing to join. Check out their international chapters page to find their Canadian communities.

An organization for published authors and industry professionals in the fields of science fiction, fantasy, and related genres.

This community provides information, resources and opportunities for anyone involved in or interested in publishing, whether they are an author, freelance writer, artist or own a publishing company.

Membership in TWUC is limited to traditionally published authors (consideration given to self-published authors); however, the site openly provides helpful resources for all writers.

Editors' communities

Canada's community for editors (formerly known as the Editors' Association of Canada).

The editors' association in the USA.

The editors' association in the UK.

The editors' association in Ireland. 

The editors' association in Australia. Please note that this page is frequently down (mostly at night in Australia, which is daytime in North America). If you really want to access the page, simply check it at a different time (evenings usually work for me).