Editing Services

There are many different types of editing. You may customize these editorial services according to the needs of your manuscript. If you are unsure which type of editing your manuscript requires, you may wish to engage a manuscript review (which will include a quote for recommended editorial services).

All of these services comply with the professional editorial standards set forth by Editors Canada. 


Manuscript evaluation

A manuscript evaluation is a review of the manuscript as you have it now. Think of this as having a (well-educated and involved) friend read your product to tell you what she really thinks. 

This evaluation will provide feedback on your manuscript's strengths and the elements that require further attention. An included editorial summary will recommend the editing service(s) that your manuscript would most benefit from. You are under no obligation for further purchase nor to choose the recommended level of editing service.


structural edit

A structural edit examines the high-level components of your material. My structural editing services include stylistic editing and, when specified, plain language editing or technical editing. In creative writing, I assess the key elements of storytelling (such as plot, character, dialogue, pacing, etc.). In non-fiction writing, I examine the logic and structure of your argument. 

Editorial guidance may include advice on rearranging paragraphs within a section, and (if necessary) the sequence of entire chapters. Among many other tasks, I query facts and ensure that all text and visual elements provide their full impact in conveying your message.


Copy edit

A copy edit is a review of the basics of language, as well as an assessment of correct word choice and the internal consistency of facts (i.e., the facts stated within your manuscript do not contradict one another; this is not fact-checking for accuracy or truth). I ensure that all text follows the rules of the preferred style guide, including a review of grammar, spelling (American or Canadian) and punctuation.

This is the most common type of editing service used by writers for publication.



A proofreading edit reviews text strictly for compliance with the rules of grammar, spelling (American or Canadian) and punctuation. 

Proofreading is done when the manuscript has been typeset in its final form for publication. It is meant to ensure that no egregious error has snuck into the final copy.


To get an idea of what a professional editor will charge, see the Editorial Freelancers Association's table of hourly rates and approximate editing speed. This will prepare you for what to expect a professional editor (worthy of your project) to charge and help you ballpark the fees for budgeting purposes. If an editor is offering services at a rate far below the professional standard, you should be certain of their service quality before proceeding to hand over your project.

I will provide you with a free, project-specific service quote after I assess your project, following our initial meeting. We won't begin until we've agreed on pricing and signed a contract. I'm happy to put together a customized quote, so please contact me