Client Testimonials

Historical fiction Novel


From the first moment I met Jennifer, I knew that my editing experience would be special.  Jennifer is experienced, knowledgeable and well-connected in the publishing world.  She provided me with a detailed review of my manuscript that was well-conceptualized, thought provoking, and motivating.  Even now, she continues to occupy headspace in the writer’s corner of my brain!  

Not only was she professionally competent and conscientious, Jennifer also possesses personal charisma and charm that makes it easy to work with her.   I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to begin my editing journey with someone who is both passionate about providing high quality editorial services and passionate about championing my work as a newly emerging writer. 

    ~ Tamara G.

Canadian Historical fiction Novel

(Published 2017)

"Jennifer's expertise helped me complete a 20-year publishing project of a full-length novel in six short months. In that time, she accomplished a thorough edit of basic mechanics as well as an in-depth edit, which included a review of the believability and reliability of the plot line, characters’ speech, and of geographic locations.

"I found Jennifer to be open and responsive to communication, consistently updating and involving me where any decision needed to be made beyond basic spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In doing so, she showed great respect for the original vision and voice of the novel. 

"I would definitely work with Jennifer again.  She is trustworthy and capable, and her skills made all the difference in bringing my project to fruition."
     ~ Rebekah A.

Click to be taken to  Promise in the Void's website .

Click to be taken to Promise in the Void's website.


Creative Non-Fiction

(Published author)

"Jennifer Kaddoura is a consummate professional – an editor with a passion for providing timely and thoughtful guidance.  She has edited several creative nonfiction pieces I wrote. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and trust her judgment. 

"As is the case with most writers, I need an objective pair of eyes to point out shortcomings, gaps in information, ways in which to improve narrative and structural flaws. Jennifer provides a valuable service in this regard. She is gentle but discerning and demonstrates a genuine interest in helping me shape and improve my writing. She takes time to carefully consider my work before providing a critique.  Without being overbearing or judgmental, she offers tips on structure, flow and style. Her suggestions are practical and helpful, and her copy-editing skills are top notch.

"I highly recommend Jennifer to attend to your editorial needs, whether creative, technical, business or academic."
     ~ Catherine L.

Master's Thesis


"Jennifer was so much more than a copyeditor during my Master’s thesis journey. She was a language-usage advisor, a sounding-board, and a friend, with a supportive, open, and honest approach that added incomparable value to my work. Simply through asking thoughtful questions about my subject, she helped me to discover a different way of thinking that brought a unique perspective to my research.

"She encouraged me to apply academic and ethical rigour to my research, while still ensuring that my voice was clear and reflected my passion for the topic. I will be forever grateful to have had a partner like Jennifer in completing the most important work of my academic life."
      ~ Karen W.


"I have the pleasure of working with Jen on my blog. Her open communication helps to make sure I post in a timely manner. Not only does Jen help with my grammar and spelling but she also makes sure my posts are written with consistency!

"Jen went beyond my expectations and did her own research on my topic (medical) to make sure she fully understood what I was trying to explain. This also helped in cases where I misspelled medical terms or medications. Jen was able to help me express my knowledge and feelings in my own way and helped my writing flow more eloquently than I could have done myself.

"I have used Jen for many of my posts, and I will continue to do so!" 
     ~ Bethany H.